Google Plus, now what?

So … now what?

I got my G+ account back when it was invite only. I felt cool. I felt like one of Malcolm Gladwell’s early adopters. I was won over by the innovative look and feel – all that white space has to be a good thing, right?

I added new friends. Well, since it was invite-only, there weren’t so many of my actual friends on there. Only other early adopters. Other internet and social geeks. Who were already my friends on Facebook and Twitter and FourSquare. Even when membership opened up to the public, my actual friends and family didn’t want or need another Facebook, so I found myself adding former school mates and really, anyone whose name I recognized, however tenuous the relationship. But that’s Ok! There were Circles! The Circles feature is supposed to be the Facebook killer, cleanly solving all the privacy issues that have confounded Facebook and frustrated it’s users.

So now, a couple months later I have a social network filled with people I don’t really know, and I triple-post my status updates on Twitter, Facebook and now Google Plus.  Um… now what?

So far, G+ does what FB does, and sometimes does it better. But it really must go above and beyond, and give us something that is not available on all the other existing networks. Otherwise, it will die a slow boring death. I’m already bored. And I’m an early adopter!

How do you use Google Plus?

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