Worse Than Failure.

Some developers have a habit of bragging about how many languages they know, or what latest technology they are using. But its all in vain if there’s a lack of fundamental understanding and logic. If you can’t express it clearly and succintly in *English* (or your own language), then your attemps to code it will be a WTF a la the following:

One of the great things about Boolean logic is its simplicity. At the most basic level, there’s simply TRUE and FALSE with AND, OR, and NOT. It takes a lot of work to overcomplicate such a simple system, yet “certain” developers seem to find such over-complication second nature. Take E.H.’s colleague, for example.

His impressive use of interesting semantic choices, redundant equality checks, and integer mixing make every line of code seem like a puzzle to solve. Take this line, for example.

if (statusIsNotValid.compareTo( Boolean.FALSE ) != 0) skipValidation = false;

Quick! Does validation occur when the status is valid? Now just imagine the fun E.H. has with such quandaries line-after-line and day-after-day.


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