A Day without TOMS

TOMS shoes is at it again* with a campaign that is at best useless, at worst, detrimental to real aid efforts by perpetuating the myth that “it’s so easy” to do aid work.

A Day Without Shoes encourages consumers to go without shoes on April 8th for as little as “20 minutes”. TOMS shoes founder Blake Mycoskie writes in HuffPo “We even have people participating virtually by blogging barefoot, using a One Day avatar for Twitter, or switching out their Facebook profile pic to help spread awareness”. (Oh, Awareness, that vague state of being that *must* be spread at all costs, with the low entry price of a single “Like” on a Facebook fan page. There, I’ve achieved awareness!)

Good intentions launches a counter campaign, A Day without Diginity , and Tales from the Hood writes a scathing, educational post on the subject, A Day without Dumbassery.

In case you don’t know why giving gifts in kind (GIK) or this kind of campaign is a bad idea, here is some reading for ya.

*TOMS shoes is a for-profit shoe company founded on the premise that for every shoe bought, they donate a new pair to a vague “child-in-need”. Great marketing gimmick, otherwise it would be pretty hard to compete in the ugly-but-earth-aware shoe market. Their shoes go for $50-$80 by the way.


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