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Information is Beautiful

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At KOMAZA we value data-driven decisions. We believe in going where the evidence takes us. That’s why this year I led the development of a comprehensive operational database, with the goal of keeping track of everything we need and want to know about our work. Creating KOMAZA information systems has been an exciting project to work on, mainly because the impact is so large.

Previously, we were bogged down in paper forms which would pile up in the corner of our office space, yellowing with age. Our field facilitators were turning these forms in every week, having filled in key data such as pest instances, number of crops affected, status of farmer maintenance activities like weeding and mulching. However, the forms would only be reviewed once by senior field staff, which left the potential for this collected information largely unrealized. After all, how closely can one person examine a constant stream of weekly paper forms, numbering in the thousands?


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