joy of css

Ha, CSS is now my bitch, have spent the last week taming the beast.  I am now QUEEN of rounded corners.

Pro Tip -> Cannot overstate the value of doing a validation check on your css. My code was working in Firefox and IE, and failing in Chrome. And I spent a half hour agonizing over it. Like GOOGLE, you are supposed to be the messiah and the way of the future. How can something work in IE, and then fail in CHROME? How?

Then I came across this css validator, and it FIXED IT! The problems was that I didn’t put in this crummy line.

@charset “utf-8”;

And that was it, I’ve finished my online donation page, and I am ready to live test it. Also, I’ve been slacking on updating this, but I shall return to talk about the wonder swiss army knife on crack that is!


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