Kiswahili Kwa Kidato cha…

This is a picture of the kids from when I went to stay overnight at a home in Ganze. They were the highlight of my trip. They were kinda shy at first but in 15 minutes were chatting away at me, the younger ones in Giriama, although I couldn’t understand it. I’m glad we all spoke Swahili though, and I had a lot of interesting converstations with the Mother and Father of the family.

Although it was a stark reminder of how much Nairobi Swahili sucks! They were all super grammatical and using some words I had never heard of! The kids pointed out about 10 indigenous trees and rattled off their Kiswahili names, and the only one I recognized was Mwembe. This, inspite of the fact that we memorized names of trees from KKD (the Kiswa textbook, Kiswahili kwa Kidato cha …, remember?)

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