Network shared files and storage

This past week I’ve been working on rolling out a Network File System for the office.  It’s cool because it’s a common space to put all the files that pertain to the running of the organization. Our non-profit is growing steadily, and it makes sense to move things off of people’s personal computers. Also, its a cool way to transfer almost unlimited amounts of data among people in the office. I hate flash drives, they’re way too small (and I have a16gig), they are ridiculously prone to corruption, like floppys (remember those?).

I’m using the D-link DNS 323, and it turns out to have quite the community following. Its basically two mirrored 1TB hard drives running a stripped down version of Linux, and Samba for networking. Besides allowing Linux user permissions, file sharing on the LAN, and loads of back up space, there’s a bunch of handy packages that people in the community have written.

There’s a web server, lighhtpd, which can be used for an internal website or wiki, an itunes server allowing people to share music files, a bit torrent client (more home than office for these two), SSH for secure access… And of course its Linux, so if you can compile it, you can run it –  so you can put whatever program you want on it – but limited though by memory – 32MB.

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